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 improve speech signals using acoustics noise impact

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About |Enoshmink


specializes in providing innovative engineered solutions for sound treatment and isolation.

innovation, creativity and manufacturing abilities enabled us to develop as a leading-designers and suppliers in the acoustic industry basically in the Egyptian market.

We produce sound treatment products such as wall-panels, sound curtains, floating floors and ceilings, all help in reducing echo, vibration control, sound damping, and providing excellent performance for wide range of applications such as broadcasting, cinema halls, sound recording studios, and where controlled acoustic sound level is required
The company is a
member of the American Society of acoustics
Member of the Egyptian Society of acoustics
Member of the International Society of Physics.​

Dr.ibrahim elnoshokaty

Chief executive officer

Huge working experience in research industry
In depth knowledge of engineering acoustics,

electro acoustics Proficient with Real time DSP and/or control systems

  • strategy


  • knowledge and proficiency


  • planning



Eng.amr elnoshokaty


Solid background planning and

managing projects simultaneously

under demanding deadlines.

  • strong managerial


  • ability to coordinate


  • high resistance to stress


Eng. Samir Helmy

technical consultant

    Designing, coding and unit/integration testing using Perficient methodologies, technology and tool

    • Designing


    • Detail-oriented


    • Detail-oriented


    • challenges



    Eng. Hassan El-Noshokaty


      Systems integration specialist.

      Highly experienced Startup CTO

      • programming


      • Detail-oriented


      • Flexible to new situations and challenges


      Our Numbers


      Client Satisfaction


      Awards Won


      cinema hall completed


      complete project from start


      consult project


      complete project in 2010


      Average apps on iphone


      Clients unique visitors for the first week after launch

      A true artist

      is not one who is inspired,

      but one who inspires others.

      Salvador Dali

      Our | Services

      We have a unique

      blend of talent that allows

      us to offer such a diverse

      range of services.


      plans to design, implementation and management and to ensure the achievement of sales and marketing goals and desired the best possible means in addition to our ability to provide the project was not the Laymen of the reputation we have good relations between us make us unable to collect the requirements of the market and provide our needs and the needs of enterprises to solve us all of our projects and certificates of appreciation from both clients and the reason for the success in our way more than expected
      Our company is working on the marketing and sales management process for the main sources of income of the company, a marketing services company different media

      Intelligence without ambition

      is a bird without wings.

      Salvador Dali

      Key | Features

      EASILY add more work

      to us we will HANDLE  it 

      with care.

      Embed Videos directly from your favourite video websites like Vimeo or Youtube & show off your Creativity.


      how can i make soundproof to my room?
      There are many times when a person might want to reduce the amount of sound coming into or leaving a room. Making a room soundproof involves stopping or reducing sound waves by using certain building techniques or materials.
      How do you make internet radio?
      Internet radio “stations” are usually accessible from anywhere in the world. sharedin can make to you plug and play radio
      what is sharedin ?
      Group of companies work in that solution and get all that companies experience to offer a streaming audio solution to the broadcasting industry since 2006. The appliance enables radio stations and broadcasters worldwide to stream content and reach audiences.
      What are shortcodes?
      Short codes are designed to be easier to read and remember than normal telephone numbers. Like telephone numbers, short codes are unique to each operator at the technological level. Even so, providers generally have agreements to avoid overlaps. In some countries
      What is isotope filtering?
      If you want to use Isotope to develop commercial sites, themes, projects, and applications, the Commercial license is the appropriate license. With this option, your source code is kept proprietary.
      Where do I find the CSS files?
      To view a page’s source code, go up to the menu bar of your browser and choose VIEW > PAGE SOURCE or VIEW > SOURCE. A page will pop up featuring the source code of the page.

      If you can

      dream it

      you can do it.

      Walt Disney


      Perfection has to do with the end product

      but excellence has to do with the process.

      Jerry Moran

      When the solution

      is simple

      God is answering.

      Albert Einstein

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      • 200 St. (9)
        mokatam city cairo -Egypt
        Google Map
      • saturday-thursday: 10:00am → 6:00pm
        Sat: 10:00am → 2:30pm
        friday: Closed
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